S6 Routes for All

In the final year of school we understand that pupils are under immense pressure and have a heavy workload. The sessions which we deliver give pupils a dedicated hour a week to help pupils get ahead of the game in the applications process. Throughout the programme pupils will create and build up a portfolio that will be beneficial when completing applications, personal statements & CV's and typical interview questions. The portfolio will act as a record of pupil's achievements, experiences and skills that can be referred back to and added to throughout their post-school destination.


The 7 sessions are:

S6, What now? - Programme and mentors are introduced to the pupils. Pupils set goals and an action plan on what they need to achieve by the end of S6.

Your Career Choices - Pupils research which areas of study interest them in preparation for applying to college.

Analyse Me - Pupils analyse their skills, strengths and weaknesses.

A Personal Statement - The hardest part of any application is the personal statement, pupils are provided with methods on how to compile one utilising analysis they carried out on previous two sessions.

Apply Yourself - Discuss the do's and don'ts when applying and complete a draft application for college.

Prepare to Impress - Discussion on interview techniques and commonly asked college interview questions.

Your Interview - Pupils take part in a mock interview and are given constructive feedback on how they performed.