S5 Routes for All

The S5 programme runs over seven sessions and is intended to help support the pupils and provide them with useful advice on destinations after school, presentation skills, exam preparation and study techniques.


The programmme consists of 7 sessions which are:

Routes for All? - Programme and mentors are introduced to pupils

Routes for Me - Pupils analyse where they aspire to be in 6 months time, 1 years time and 5 years time. This session aids the pupils in setting goals for the future

The College Route - A college representative will present this session and answer any questions the pupils may have

Routes to Learning - Pupils learning style is identified and they are provided with different study techniques matching each style

Prepare to Pass - Exam preparation tips, techniques and advice is discussed

The Student Experience - The student mentors working in school each deliver a presentation about their experience of attending college or university

Present Yourself - Pupils discuss what a good presentation is composed of and deliver a group presentation summarising what they have learnt over the past 6 sessions.