Evaluation 2009 - 10

What pupils said about Routes for All sessions:

S5 Routes for Me ‘made me think more about a chosen career choice’
S5 Prepare to Pass ‘allowed me to understand what techniques I should consider to pass my exams’
S6 Analyse Me ‘showed me my strengths and weaknesses'
S6 A Personal Statement ‘I found this session useful because it helped me to improve how I wrote my personal statement’
S6 Your Interview ‘I was confidently prepared for my first interview ever’


Routes for All 2009 - 10

In 2009 – 10 the full S5 and S6 Routes for All programme was delivered 27 of the 29 schools involved in FOCUS West. Around 1017 pupils participated in the Routes for All Programme. This comprised of 605 S5 pupils and 412 S6 pupils who received the Routes for All programme, an increase of 68% on pupils participating in 2008-09.

A new website (www.routesforall.co.uk) was designed and went live in March 2010 ready for use within schools in 2010-11.  As well as being a key information source for pupils, parents, teachers and mentors the website incorporates a virtual learning environment which will be used as part of the programme in 2010-11. A DVD was produced for the S6 Interview Session it has proved extremely successful and popular when used in schools to promote discussion around interview techniques.

Links were forged with local colleges and some were involved in delivery of a session in the S5 programme. As well as undergraduate students, 2009-10 saw students studying HE at college become Routes for All mentors.   In total across both sectors there were approximately 60 students employed.

The Routes for All S6 programme included Study Skills Days held locally where pupils received indepth, sometimes one-to-one extra tuition in both English and Maths Higher and Intermediate 2 level syllabi.


Routes for All 2009 – 10 evaluation

As in 2008-09 100% of teachers still felt the school had benefited in some way from being involved and 76% of S5 pupils and 72% of S6 pupils gave the delivery and content of the programme an overall positive rating.


Of the pupils that attended the Routes for All sessions teachers felt that pupils gained confidence, were more aware and better equipped for the demands of Further Education, knew more about different learning styles and were more prepared for interviews and exams.



Pupils were given advice, guidance and support throughout the programme and 84% of S5 pupils and 83% of S6 pupils felt they received adequate support.


What teachers said about Routes for All:

“The use of students who pupils can relate to is key” Springburn Academy
“The Programme created a ‘buzz’ with the pupils who attended. The S6 really enjoyed it as they had their own dedicated event.”” Maxwelltown High

“The programme is very useful. The young people who stuck it out gained lots of info and developed skills which will be useful in the application process as well as the reality of college or uni life.”

John Paul Academy
“Very worthwhile programme of activities” Clydebank High