Evaluation 2008 - 09

What pupils said about Routes for All sessions:

Goal Setting     ‘helped me realise my goal’
Exam Preparation     ‘good advice on how to study’
Communication     ‘learned how to communicate better'
Exam Preparation     ‘don't panic as much as now I feel prepared’
Application and Interviews     ‘interesting, helped’
Goal Setting     ‘helped with future plans’


Routes for All 2008 - 09

In 2008 – 09 the Routes for All programme was developed and then delivered in every school involved in FOCUS West.

Around 600 pupils were registered on the Routes for All Programme. This comprised of 475 S5 pupils and 37 S6 pupils who received the full Routes for All programme. We additionally worked with around 90 S6 pupils on a shortened S6 specific programme.

A comprehensive Pupil Toolkit (Workbook and Reference Pack) was produced that pupils utilised and referred to throughout the programme. Teachers Packs and Parents Leaflets were also produced to promote and inform about the programme.

Routes for All staff met with teachers in all schools and discussed ideas/developments with teaching staff. Links were forged with local colleges and some were involved in delivery of a session.


Routes for All 2008 – 09 evaluation

As it was a pilot year for Routes for All it was encouraging to see that 100% of teachers felt the school had benefited in some way from being involved and 91% percent of pupils gave the delivery and content of the programme an overall positive rating.


Of the pupils that attend Routes for All sessions teachers felt that they were more confident, more aware of the demands of Further Education and progression thereafter, knew more about different learning styles and were more prepared for interviews and exams.


Pupils were given advice, guidance and support throughout the programme and 90% of pupils felt they received adequate support.



What teachers said about Routes for All:

“I think the pupils involved enjoyed the interaction with college lecturers/ students.” Bellshill Academy
“I think they have further developed and enhanced pre-existing skills” St Andrews Secondary

“I think it has been a good experience for the pupils and would hope we could participate in the programme next year.”

St Margaret Mary’s Secondary
“Really interesting programme.” Doon Academy