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S6 Routes for All

So you've reached the final year of school, this is an extremely important year in which you'll need to focus on getting the best grades possible and make decisions on your future. The activities we deliver will help you to concentrate on this and get ahead of the game in the applications process.

S6 Routes for All is built upon the work carried out in S5 Routes for All.During the 7 sessions in S6 Routes for All you will create and build up a portfolio.

The Portfolio will be for you to use after you leave school to help when you are applying for college, university or a job.  You can use the materials such as the advice on curriculum vitae, interview questions and application forms to help you when preparing for these situations in the future.  The portfolio can also act as a record of your achievements and experiences that you can refer back to.


The 8 sessions are:

S6, What now? - a reminder to those involved in S5 and a welcome to those that are new to Routes for All. Also in this session we'll look at what goals you are going to set this year.

Your Career Choices - this session gives you a chance to carry out some research into what course you'd like to take in college.

Analyse Me - knowing your strengths and weaknesses is very useful when applying for courses or even studying.

A Personal Statement - a personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself in applications. Your personal statement/supporting information will distinguish you from the others applying.

A Personal Statement - continues from previous week with pupils completing a statement that they can use when they go to fill out application forms for college.

Apply Yourself - you'll learn do's and don'ts when applying and have the opportunity to complete a real application for college and have the Routes for All staff there to help you if you need it!

Prepare to Impress - you'll experience many interviews throughout your life so make sure you get them right early on :)

Your Interview - The final activity of Routes for All in S6 is a chance to take part in a mock interview where you will be asked questions and given feedback on how you performed.


We hope you enjoy S6 Routes for All