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S5 Routes for All

So you're in S5 and you've sat your standard grades/intermediates/Nationals - hopefully you've achieved the results you wanted. The next two years of school are particularly important as your grades in S5 and S6 will dictate where you can progress to after school.

It's up to you to get the grades but Routes for All  S5 will help support you and give you lots of useful hints and tips.

The programmme is made up of 8 sessions they are:

Routes for All - in the first session Routes for All will be explained to you and you'll get to  know staff, students and each other

Routes for Me - looking at your future in 6 months time , 1 years time and 5 years. This session will help you set goals and break down how you'll achieve your goals. 

The College Route - you'll learn a bit more about college in this session from actual college staff.

Careers Research - using the internet to research college and career information, for example to find out about entry requirements and course content.

Organising your Studies - everyone has a different learning style in this session you'll learn yours!

Prepare to Pass - as your exams are looming we'll give you some tips to help.

The Student Experience - you'll learn a bit more about student life from a current student and hear about their first hand experience of attending college or university.

Present Yourself - presentations are a major part of life. In this session we'll tell you a bit more about giving a presentation, this will help throughout life whether in education or employment.

We hope you enjoy S5 Routes for All!