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S6 Routes for All

The final year of school gives your child a chance to ensure they achieve the grades that will allow them to pursue the next step in their educational journey.

By now, your child should know what it takes to study properly and pass exams.  Routes for All will therefore guide and support your child as they research the various options available to them and ultimately apply for these. 

The programme is made up of 8 sessions they are:

S6, What now?

The first session in the S6 Programme mirrors the first session in S5 as it allows pupils to meet Routes for All Staff and Mentors.   As well as being a re-introduction to the programme for pupils who took part in S5, there will be pupils becoming involved for the first time in S6.

By the end of this session your child will have registered on the programme, if they are new to Routes for All, as well as looked closely at what they want to achieve from their final year at schol.  They will have produced an Action Plan, stating goals and time-limits that they wish to have achieved these goals by.

Your Career Choices

This session takes the Action plan produced at the end of 'S6, What now?' and takes it a stage further.  Your child with the help of student mentors will start to research online a career or course that interests them.  

They will look into the detail of what they are interested in to see how they can pursue this interest (subjects,grades and experience required) and ultimately progress from this (qualifications available as well as career progression available).  This session should not just allow the pupils to examine careers or courses that interest them, but help them make an informed decision on whether this is a realistic goal for them.

By the end of this session your child should have carried out in-depth research into their future course or career choice.  This will inform the route that they will take in the rest of the Routes for All programme of activities.

Analyse Me

Pupils analyse their skills, strengths and weaknesses.

A Personal Statement 1

The hardest part of any application is the personal statement, pupils are provided with methods and discuss content of personal statements looking at what should be included, how to write it and on how to compile one using information they found out in the previous two sessions.

A Personal Statement 2

This session Continues from previous week with pupils completing a statement that they can use when they go to fill out application forms for college.

Apply Yourself

Discuss the do's and don'ts when applying and complete a draft application for college.

Prepare to Impress

Discussion on interview techniques and commonly asked college interview questions.

Your Interview

Pupils take part in a mock interview and given constructive feedback on how they performed.