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S5 Routes for All

The senior years of school are particularly important as the grades your child achieves in S5 and S6 will dictate where they can progress to after school.

Ultimately, its up to them work hard but Routes for All S5 will help support them to achieve the best possible grades. 

The programme is made up of 8 sessions they are:

Routes for All?

This first session in the programme is really an opportunity for Routes for All staff and student mentors to meet the pupils involved in our programme.  As well as being a ‘getting to know you’ session, there is quite a bit of paperwork that we need your child to fill in to take part in the programme.

By the end of the session we should have registered your child on the programme, obtained baseline information that should help us evaluate the impact of our programme and most importantly your child will have met student mentors that they will work with for the length of the programme.

Routes for Me

This session is designed to try and focus your child on what they want to achieve over the next few years by asking them to identify short-, medium- and long-term goals.  By identifying these goals, your child should begin to focus in on what is important to them and see how important small/short-term achievements are to larger/long-term success.  As they identify these goals, your child will continue to work with student mentors who are able to give advice and guidance from first-hand experience.

By the end of this session your child will have completed an ‘Action Plan’, identifying their goals and how they intend to achieve these goals. 

The College Route

This session will be delivered by a member of staff from one of our partner colleges.  Your child will have the opportunity to hear from college staff what they can expect from studying at college and what the college would expect in return.  This is an ideal opportunity for your child to ask questions that are important to them and get a feel for what it may be like studying at college.

Careers Research

This session involves using the internet to research college and career information, for example to find out about entry requirements and course content.


Organising Your Studies

This session is designed to help your child get the best out of their studying.  As an individual, every child learns slightly differently.  By helping your child identify the ways in which they learn and study best, we can help them choose the learning and study techniques that work best for them. 

By the end of this session, your child should have identified how they learn best.  They will then have worked with a student mentor to identify the study techniques that suit them best and how they can use these to study for their SQA exams.

Prepare to Pass

This session looks more closely at the SQA exams in May and how your child can squeeze extra marks out of the exam.  We look at time and stress management as well as the importance of being as well prepared as possible for the final exams.

By the end of this session, your child should be able to identify the ways in which they can gain the few extra marks that could make the difference to their final grade.  They should feel more confident and prepared and have the tools to succeed in the all important May exams.

The Student Experience/Finance

This session is given over to the student mentors that work in your child’s school.  Each mentor gives a short presentation on their experiences from S5 at school to where they are now, as well as giving an insight into their own long-term goals.  After these presentations, pupils are encouraged to ask the mentors about their educational journey.

By the end of this session, your child should be able to have a greater idea of the opportunities and challenges ahead of them in post-school education.

Present Yourself

This final session looks ahead again to life after school.  Being able to present to an audience, be it in employment, at college or at University is a key skill.  Our student mentors work with your child on how to prepare and deliver a presentation.  By the end of this session your child will deliver a presentation, as part of a group, to their classmates on one of the previous sessions that they have taken part in.