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Routes for All Aims

  • to increase pupils’ confidence in themselves and their skills and abilities to succeed – Routes for All will help pupils become more confident within themselves and as independent learners by implementing the skills taught
  • to encourage pupils to look beyond their immediate future – Routes for All will help pupils look not just to the end of school and on to college, but to the possible routes of progression and articulation to university
  • to raise levels of achievement – Routes for All will support the school’s work in preparing pupils for their SQA examinations
  • to give pupils who are unsure of their next steps the tools to make an informed decision about where they are going next – Routes for All will provide impartial information, advice and guidance to help pupils make the right decisions for themselves
  • allow pupils access to current undergraduate and college students – Routes for All mentors will have made the same journey as your pupils are being encouraged to make. This sharing of experiences may encourage your pupils to make the same journey
  • allow pupils access to college and university staff - The chance to talk to college and university staff will also provide your pupils with a unique opportunity on what to expect in these different learning environments