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About Us

What is Routes for All?

The Routes for All programme is tailored to support S5 and S6 pupils who are thinking about applying for further and higher education courses. The programme has been developed to give pupils the necessary tools to succeed in their journey towards post-school education, preparing them to make the transition from school to college or university. It does this by means of delivering workshop style sessions throughout S5 and S6.

Who are we?

The Routes for All programme is an element of FOCUS West, part of the Schools for Higher Education Programme. The programme itself is a joint collaboration between the six Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and twenty-one partner colleges. FOCUS West works to raise aspirations of pupils in selected schools in the South West of Scotland. The Routes for All element is organised through a partnership between Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of the West of Scotland.

Target group

Although Routes for All is a two-year programme, we are not averse to working with some pupils who may leave at the end of S5 however the programme is not designed for those who choose to leave at Christmas. The criteria for selection of pupils to participate in Routes for All will be those pupils who should finish S6 with 1 - 2 Highers, who may be in need of the extra drive to help them fulfil their potential to progress to college and then possibly university after school.

Our sessions are designed to complement each other but are also designed as stand-alone sessions. We have designed the programme to allow for visits from Routes for All staff and mentors at set times throughout the school year.